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Sustainable thinking begins at school and is built at university

  • The CSR professional can be an agent for changing the company business models

  • The CSR professionals in Bulgaria are most often women, middle or senior level managers who like and recommend their profession

At Varna University of Economics, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, a discussion was held under the title "CSR Professionals - Agents of Change". The event is part of a series of meetings and presentations of the Bulgarian Association of CSR professionals, the organization bringing together over 40 experts in the country.

Prof. Dr. Evgeni Stanimirov, Rector of Varna University of Economics, opened the event and shared his thoughts with the participants: "Our university can become a successful social enterprise that shares the following sustainability rules: exposure to external audiences, development of accessible social infrastructure, ongoing communication with stakeholders and the promotion of entrepreneurial and project thinking." In front of the audience, he also talked about the opportunities for "university-business" sustainable cooperation, the university's educational projects and the importance of developing the capacity of lecturers and external partners.

Dr. Marina Stefanova, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of BAKSOS, also took part, presenting the results of the CSR AdviceBox and Junction Bulgaria’s pilot survey "State of CSR in Bulgaria 2018". "The responsibility universities have focuses in two directions - to train the future managers in the values ​​of corporate sustainability and responsibility on the one hand and on the other to create a serious theoretical basis for the multidisciplinary training of the new type of specialists, willing to solve challenges of social, economic and environmental nature, "said Dr. Stefanova.

A number of experts also took part in the event, sharing their valuable experience in the area of ​​corporate sustainability and responsibility.

Darina Georgieva, manager at Overgas Society, spoke about a number of CSR initiatives, with which the company increases the commitment of its employees and strengthens the relationship with them.

Meglena Geneva, Manager of Communications and CSR at TechnoLogica, talked about the specifics and challenges of her job as a CSR manager, and Michael Kallner, Corporate Sustainability Manager, presented the guests New Boyana Film's experience in reducing the environmental footprint of the film center in the process of film production.

The event enabled a wide range of public interested in Corporate Social Responsibility to hear useful information and learn from the experience of practitioners active in the field.

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