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Established in October 2018, Bulgarian Association of CSR Professionals (BАKSOS) is made up of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability specialists who have been working for years to develop and implement this concept in Bulgarian companies.




In 2018, we recognized the need for standardization of the profession of CSR in Bulgaria. For this purpose we formed an organization that could support this call for action and work with governmental and policy makers to implement the change.

Businesses have a proactive, creative role to look and recognize the challenges for society and offer new / innovative approaches to meeting them. (Marina - this line I took from UNGC document in drive)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are a priority for countless companies and organizations. And this wide array of sectors and professionals calls for different CSR solutions and specialties.


Our objectives are:


  • Raising public awareness and knowledge of the profession and its ethical norms and standards;

  • Establishment and development of an information network between professionals from the country and abroad as well as cooperation with similar national and international organizations;

  • Enabling all members to develop new competences and professional skills;

  • Creation of professional and social environment of understanding and positive attitude towards the profession of CSR.

  • Enhancing the quality of education, authority, professional and social significance and the academic circles teaching CSR;

  • Validation of high professional standards in the practice of corporate sustainability and social responsibility specialists;

  • Intermediation between state, educational and economic organizations for the development of the profession and the environment for its exercise.


we do?

As an association,  we:

  • Carry out specialized researches and studies, develop projects in the field of corporate sustainability and responsibility;

  • Issue and disseminate newsletter, reference books and other educational and practical guidelines;

  • Exchange experience with other organizations and institutions, international and national;

  • Develop and implement projects;

  • Organize meetings, seminars, training and other public events on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad.

  • Develop and participate in similar events organized by other organizations as well as other promotional activities;

  • Cooperate with the state institutions, economic and non-profit entities in the country and abroad in order to achieve the objectives of the Association.

The objectives of the BAKSOS are realized with the common efforts of all its members or jointly with other similar organizations.

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